A Cool Crazy True Story

Henotic was born in St. Martin on a simple walk along Front St. as the founder and his wife were enjoying time together on their 20th wedding anniversary in 2008. It was a simple yet unusual stain on the sidewalk some type of spill shaped like a person on a board that caught his attention and sparked a flash of inspiration, inspiration that has now become Henotic Sports.  What he saw was the basic shape of the Henotic logo, who would think that an idea that could potentially touch all races, generations and cultures would have such an odd beginning; stranger things have happened. 

What is Henotic, we're glad you asked.  There's not enough space, time or logic to explain how we came up with the name Henotic.  Let me just say that if you think the mark on the sidewalk was crazy then the inspiration for us to randomly refer to the Periodic Chart of Elements will sound other worldly. So here it is, while looking at the chart not knowing exactly what we were looking for the following elements stood out in this order, Helium (He), Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O), Titanium (Ti) and Carbon (C) still didn't make any since.  How about this, we wrote them down, He, N, O, Ti, C yes, Henotic! How it all came together was nothing short of a miracle or we're crazy, some think the latter LOL.  Having never seen the word before the next logical step was to find the definition...here's what we found.  Henotic: Of or pertaining to the production of peace and harmony; unifying. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Now here's the icing on the cake.

The initial company/brand name that was searched before Henotic was found to be unavailable to trademark and It had nothing to do with peace, harmony or unity.  So that’s what caused the need to search out an alternative name.

The mission statement which was in place several years before Henotic was selected states, "The brand that puts fun back into life while bringing generations together in a culturally diverse world".  The word Henotic made the mission of creating a culture of unity come alive! In short Henotic exist to create a culture that says, If we can play together we should be able to live together.  So will you get on board.

Wearing Henotic tells the world that YOU support the idea of peace, harmony and unity among people.

How can we do it you ask, simple. With Respect, Kindness and Care each of us can make a positive difference. Sports and Recreation are just common grounds and Henotic is the brand that says it loud and clear!!


So now with the production of a world class line of products, community events and a strong emphasis on setting an example for the coming generations we're off to an amazing start!  Catch The Henotic Wave!!